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Welcome to Limpo Franchising, the waterless car wash sector's leader. The only company able to combine innovation and tradition with technology and respect for the environment.
The Limpo cleansing system doesn't need water and uses only eco-friendly products created by the company laboratory LimpoLab as well as specific equipment aimed at energetic optimization.
The uniqueness of this method, designed by Edo Ltd and promoted to international level by the Master Franchising links, favours our Franchising development.
In fact, the company is focusing its business on the network's internationalization, based on Master Franchisee's exclusive territorial rights in terms of Limpo's trademark management.
Through the Master Franchising agreement Edo Ltd issues a mark and commercial system's usage license, passing on the know-how, necessary for the network's buildup.

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Deliverly and Contacts

Tito Scalo, 85050 Potenza (PZ) Italy

Phone: +39 0971 65 12 48


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