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  • About Limpo

    LIMPO Is the Third generation car wash.

    We're speaking about an innovative system of waterless car wash that revolutionizes the car wash sector, being environmentally friendly and bringing notable progress in

  • Code of Ethics


    Herewith the company wishes to display a code of principles that inspire its business activity, and which all employees and freelancers are expected to stick to when undertaking their own tasks.

    Comunicazione & Rassegna Stampa

    L’Azienda, da sempre presente a tutti gli eventi fieristici legati al settore di riferimento, ha sviluppato un piano di comunicazione che prevede la diffusione su larga scala del progetto imprenditoriale Limpo.

    Dal 2007 ad oggi,

  • How to Affiliate

    The Limpo affiliation procedures are quick.

    The affiliation coincides with the signing of the agreement signed at the company franchisor Edo srl.

    The signing of the Agreement provides the use of the Limpo brand and it allows the franchisee to use the technical and commercial

  • L'Azienda

    LIMPO è un progetto di Edo s.r.l., una consolidata realtà aziendale che nell’anno 2007 crea un innovativo sistema di lavaggio auto senz’acqua, realizzato grazie all’utilizzo congiunto di apparecchiature altamente tecnologiche e di componenti

  • Limpo is a versatile system!

    The waterless car wash system promoted by Limpo follows a steady growth through the principles that led to the development and that have led to a rapid rise of the brand in Italy and abroad.

    Failure to use the water and

  • Limpoint

    Limpoint is one of the innovative business opportunities offered by Limpo.
    It's a fixed waterless car wash station provided with a series of tools that allows for the washing of vehicles without water sources, with the aid only of Limpo's ecological products.
    The Limpoint Kit

  • Limpoint Gold Kit

    The Limpoint Gold kit includes:

    - n.2 Limpo Spider - Multifunctional device for interior and exterior wash
    - Limpo Tower – Inox Steel deposit box
    - Limpo Air Bag

  • Limpoint Kit

    The Limpoint kit includes:

    -    Limpo Spider - Multifunctional tool for interior and exterior wash
    -    Limpo Air Bag – Bag containing 3 guns for specific treatments
    -    Limpo Lux

  • LimpoMobile

    Limpomobile is one of the innovative business opportunities offered by Limpo.
    It's a waterless mobile car wash which allows you to carry out a direct “home service”, saving much time for the customer and making it possible for the associates to

  • LimpoMobile Kit

    Limpomobile Kit every affiliate is supplied with consists of:

    - Limpo Spider- Multifunctional device for interior and exterior wash
    - Mobile Bag - Bag containing car body and headlights

  • The Limpo Franchising

    Limpomobile is one of the innovative business opportunities offered by Limpo.
    The Limpo franchising is based on Master Franchising's links. Due to these links, a mark and system's usage license is eхclusively issued for a country, a nation or a

  • The Limpo women

    The Edo srl thanks all women who are part of Limpo  Franchising and it notes with satisfaction the peculiarities of ecological waterless car washing, which also opens its doors to women.
    Heavy equipment, necessay in traditional car washing, is not provided

  • Waterless car washing LIMPO!

    Welcome to Limpo Franchising, the waterless car wash sector's leader. The only company able to combine innovation and tradition with technology and respect for the environment.
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