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Internet and social of which Limpo is on, greatly enhance the reputation of the brand, which today has a significant presence of members in our nation and faces with determination and success at the international market.
That is why the Edo Ltd. invests again in the new media, ensuring the presence of Az Franchise, which is on line with a tab for the information of the Company and the latest ideas of the Franchise.
The institutional portal limpoworld ,addition, each week has a number of visitors continues to rise, a sign of appreciation of a project that focuses on environmental sustainability and development of micro enterprise.

The waterless car wash system promoted by Limpo follows a steady growth through the principles that led to the development and that have led to a rapid rise of the brand in Italy and abroad.

Failure to use the water and the ability to "transport" the service at the request place, thanks to Limpomobile, marked a path parallel performance, able to ensure efficiency and quality not only in car wash sector but also in all the contexts in which there is need to sanitize and clean fabrics, rugs, carpets.
Many Limpo affiliates, in fact, offer their services for the upholstery in public and private environments (hotels, waiting rooms, relaxation areas) where there are sofas, mattresses and tissues to dry treat.

The Limpo system, in fact, is based on a quick and efficient cleaning method that does not resort to the use of water and eliminates germs and bacteria (due to allergies) from each tissue, without causing damage to things and people.

The Edo srl thanks all women who are part of Limpo  Franchising and it notes with satisfaction the peculiarities of ecological waterless car washing, which also opens its doors to women.
Heavy equipment, necessay in traditional car washing, is not provided in the Limpo waterless car wash. It allows women to open and operate easily a Limpoint or Limpomobile.
The easy  use of equipment and the base of the natural cleaning products  make the Limpo  car washing suitable for anyone wishing to manage their work autonomously, with no restrictions between sexes.

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Tito Scalo, 85050 Potenza (PZ) Italy

Phone: +39 0971 65 12 48


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