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The Limpoint Gold kit includes:

- n.2 Limpo Spider - Multifunctional device for interior and exterior wash
- Limpo Tower – Inox Steel deposit box
- Limpo Air Bag -  Bag containing 3 guns for specific treatments
- Limpo Lux Bag - Bag containing car body and headlights polishing kit
- LimpOzono - Equipment for ozone sanitation
- Limpo Totem – Tool for company advertising viewing
- Organizational Coaching - Training and consulting at Start-Up stage
- Graphic design and communication
- Coordinated outfits
- Operating manual  Limpoint
- Kit of products for various treatments
- Accessory Kit
- Transport ex-works

The Company supports its affiliates throughout their enterprise development with the help of training events  aimed at transmitting all practical and theoretical competences necessary for the proper use of Limpo products and tools. Limpo Academy offers ongoing training courses finalized to the acquisition of knowledge needed for long lasting and successful business, focused on the most effective marketing strategies.

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