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Limpomobile is one of the innovative business opportunities offered by Limpo.
The Limpo franchising is based on Master Franchising's links. Due to these links, a mark and system's usage license is eхclusively issued for a country, a nation or a macro-area.

The aim is to achieve the development objectives settled by the sub-franchising contract.

Edo Ltd, acting as Franchisor, defines the international package to issue, monitors the local market and assists the Master Franchisee in the trademark's diffusion, as well as in human resources formation.

The Master Franchisee's responsibility is to carry forward commercial and organizational management of the area as well as to scan the desired market's permeability. Provided with all the advantages of an already known mark, one can benefit from the Franchisor's general assistance and enjoy a notable business risk reduction.

In detail, the Master Franchising agreement implies:

  • the right to use the trademark and the company's know-how
  • exclusive territorial rights
  • franchisee's research autonomy.
  • formation and assistance of the Franchisor
  • studies and detailed descriptions of the activities promoted in franchising
  • final consumers' target analysis
  • the network development plan
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